Graduation Requirements

Please be aware that graduating seniors must meet several requirements in order to graduate from Fort LeBoeuf High School. Please call the high school guidance department if you have any questions or concerns regarding your student.

Guidance Department - 796-3037

Students must:

  • Earn minimum of 28 prescribed credits

  • Demonstrate proficiency in mathematics, literature, and biology as demonstrated on the Pennsylvania Department of Education Keystone Exams

  • Compete a Senior English project in the English 12 Research course

Important – Any student that plans to apply to Penn State University or play NCAA Division I, or NCAA Division II sports must have their SAT or ACT scores sent directly from the College Board SAT Program or the ACT testing company. Students should see their guidance counselor for testing center, college, and scholarship codes.

The Penn State University (all PSU campuses) code is 2660 and the NCAA eligibility clearinghouse code is 9999.

The Senior Year – College Planning Guide

What should seniors do to prepare for going on to college?

  • Keep your “cool” during your senior year. Systematically move from one phase of the college and scholarship application process to the next phase.

  • Keep your grades up. This year is important. Remember that many colleges will see your first and second semester grades and will be impressed if you’ve taken competitive courses. Some colleges may change their admissions decision if you have a severe drop in grades your senior year.

  • Begin/continue extracurricular involvements. Colleges are looking for well-rounded students to populate their campuses. Admissions officers do take into consideration your potential for being involved in extracurricular activities in college.

  • Manage your time wisely. Your senior year goes by quickly. Don’t procrastinate when it comes to completing college and scholarship applications.

  • Keep your parents informed about colleges you are interested in attending. Seek their counsel.

How does my senior go about applying for college?

The Student should:

  • Meet regularly with the school counselor

  • Visit college campuses

  • Students are permitted two educational days to visit colleges. Students must turn in an excuse prior to taking an educational day and then turn in proof of the college visit upon returning to school.

  • Call the admissions office three to five days ahead to schedule a tour

  • If you want, ask to speak with a faculty member, a coach or someone in the Financial Aid Office

  • Prepare for a possible interview with an admission officer

  • Meet with college representatives at school

  • Attend college fairs

  • Use the Internet to go on virtual tours of college campuses and programs

  • Work systematically on your applications and essays. Find out precisely what forms, test scores, portfolios, auditions, and letters of recommendation are required for all of your college applications. If letters of recommendation are needed ask teachers early so they have plenty of time to complete your request

  • Develop a personal timetable to make sure applications are submitted by due dates

  • Complete applications and submit to your guidance counselor. Your guidance counselor will complete guidance counselor sections, and include official transcripts in your applications.

  • Have applications complete and ready to be mailed in before Thanksgiving break.

  • Mrs. Uveges is available, by appointment, to help with the college and scholarship application process. You may also contact Mrs. Uveges by

  • phone at 796-3037 or email at

Register and Prepare for College Entrance Exams:

  • – Students should go to this website to register and prepare for the SAT. Students will be able to manage their SAT scores on this website after completing the SAT

  • – Students will use this website to register and prepare for the ACT. Student will be able to manage their ACT scores on this website after completing the ACT

Research Colleges, Admission Practices, and Financial Aid

Scholarships and Financial Aid


Meet with a College Admissions Representative

Throughout the fall semester a variety of colleges and universities will be visiting Fort LeBoeuf High School during tutorial to speak with students who are investigating future college programs. Encourage your student to listen to the announcements and attend these meetings. It is a great way for them to get their questions answered or even obtain a free college application.